Hi there,

I'm a software developer and designer.

I cofounded Popcuts, built a little toy called the Bubblegum Sequencer
and am an alumnus of UC Berkeley, FHTW Berlin and the Fulbright and Y Combinator programs.

Request my resume for an overview of my work experience.

Bubblegum Sequencer

Physical step sequencer that lets you create drumloops by arranging colored balls on a tangible surface. It generates MIDI events and can be used as an input device to control audio hardware and software.


I'm the cofounder of Popcuts, an online music store that gives back to fans. You buy a song and get paid everytime it sells again.

Projectophile (not yet launched)

"Build the right thing" — A site that helps people decide which ideas to turn into projects by soliciting early feedback from friends and the public.

Today's headlines around the world

Newspaper frontpage rotation for a kiosk display. Data courtesy to Newseum.org, rewritten in JavaScript, using the jQuery Cycle Plugin.

Smaller sites I've recently worked on


  • Several years of experience in Python (including the Flask, Pyramid, Pylons and Django frameworks), JavaScript, Java, PHP, SQL, SQLAlchemy, HTML/CSS, Git, SVN, MVC architectures, Linux.
  • Significant experience with jQuery, Backbone.js, AngularJS and frontend testing.
  • Some experience in C/C++, Flash/AS3, Ruby on Rails, Processing.
  • Hardware prototyping with Arduino and computer vision.
  • Proficient with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Office Suite, Adobe CS, Quark XPress, variety of video and audio applications, including Ableton Live.

Interaction Design and User Research

  • Qualitative and quantitative user research, using interviews, contextual inquiry, surveys, web and analytics.
  • Thoroughly familiar with user-centered design process, including task and goal analysis, persona development and usability testing, ranging from ad-hoc, discount methods to structured, task-based interviews.
  • User interface prototyping in various grades of fidelity (from paper prototypes and wireframes to high-fidelity Photoshop compositions to fully interactive HTML/JavaScript dummies).
  • Familiar with HCI literature and research.